The Runo Story

How it Started...

The idea for Runo emerged after a number of international moves left its founder, Mimi, packing and unpacking her closet more times than she could count.

With each move, Mimi realized how little she cared about her existing wardrobe. She liked her clothes, but something was missing. There was nothing she truly loved.

After finally settling in the United States, Mimi took a close look at her existing wardrobe (at least what was left of it!) and began to notice the poor quality of the clothing she’d been bringing from place to place.

As a new mom to two young girls, Mimi also realized that the pieces that had survived multiple moves— still weren’t pieces she’d be proud to pass on to her daughters.

As a little girl, she remembered raiding her own mother and grandmother’s closets for treasures – unique patterns and designs, high-quality fabrics, chunky knits, and silky, colorful scarves.

She’s often been stopped and asked about her outfits when she’s wearing her ‘borrowed’ goods … and it all goes back to her mother and her collection of beautiful pieces.

Would she ever want to give her girls one of her many black bodysuits from a ‘fast fashion’ chain? Probably not.


While Mimi was busy moving from London to the US, Mimi’s close friend had been quietly working on a new line of wool sweaters that were meticulously created by skilled craftswomen in Serbia. Each piece was made individually from start to finish by these older Serbian women - many of whom would not have an income without their knitting work.

Watching her friend build a business was incredibly inspiring, especially when she thought about her closet at home which was currently filled with identical black bodysuits, cheap fabrics, and largely forgettable pieces. Where was it from? How was it made? Who made it all?

But she knew exactly where the beautiful Maidruna pieces were coming from - and who they were helping support. How could she help bring her friends’ gorgeous, handmade pieces to women around the world?

And finally, what other brands could she bring together to help women create more conscious, curated wardrobes?

And that’s when the idea for Runo was born. Why not make a collection of beautiful, unique, handmade pieces that women would be proud to pass along to friends, daughters, and granddaughters? As she helped her friend market and sell the Maidruna sweaters, Mimi imagined a new concept store that would showcase a diverse collection of handcrafted, eco-conscious ‘slow fashion’ - highlighting nearly ‘lost’ techniques like hat-making, knitting, weaving, and more.

Female founded, owned, and operated - Runo puts ethics, craft, and community first – bringing fashion-forward women pieces they can love now, and keep forever.