Our Designers


Maridruna is our eternal inspiration, so it’s not surprising that this brand is our first collaborator.

Maridruna does not just offer unique, handmade designs, it builds intimate emotional connections with their patrons by sharing a story that embodies all the creative aspects and culture of the Serbian nation.

Maridruna employs and transforms the lives of Serbian senior citizens, most of them living below the poverty line in remote rural areas. Their mission is to challenge the boundaries between traditional and modern and ensure the immortality of the currently dying art of traditional Serbian knitting. Maridruna ensures that these masterful techniques will withstand the passage of time and evolve over generations, sustaining traditional Serbian knitting excellence for eternity.

The social impact that Maridruna has created is life-changing. 

We are proud to offer the artisan products of the older rural generation, whilst enhancing their lives economically. Together with you, we provide them and their families a sustainable income and a way to tell their story to the world.

The lives of these people are in the core of Maridruna’s DNA.


Our very first headwear designer, Dubravka Savic creates unique, hand-made hats that are truly one of a kind.

Today, Dubravka still uses these same traditional tools, methods, and materials — ensuring the art of fine hat making will last another generation.

A piece from Dulsineja is not simply a hat. It’s a nod to a nearly-lost art, an ode to the timeless, traditional technique of fine millinery — and the perfect finish for any look.

Dress them up or down, Dubravka wants her pieces to be the ones her clients consistently reach for every day — with any outfit. Her elegant hat can be paired with casual sneakers, and her pieces range from everyday essentials to couture-level fantasy creations.

They’re both versatile and functional, delicate and strong. Showcasing the best of multiple ‘worlds’ - each of her pieces are full of personality - just like our customers. When we put on one of her creations, we feel beautiful and invincible.

So why partner with Dulsineja?

Today, there are only a few people in the world who can make hats like these and even fewer women. Dubravka’s ‘one-woman show’ is a brave and fearless yet playful showcase of her determination and vision, and we’re proud to feature her as our second RunoStore partner.