The Runo Story

A Journey from Fast Fashion to Timeless, Ethical Fashion Pieces

The idea for Runo, a concept store that puts ethics, craftsmanship, and community first, was born from its founder, Mimi's personal journey. After multiple international moves, Mimi realized that she had a closet full of clothing she liked, but nothing she truly loved. As a new mom to two young girls, she also wanted to create a wardrobe she could be proud to pass on to them. So, she started looking for clothing with more meaning and purpose.

Mimi was inspired by her friend who was quietly building a business selling wool sweaters made by skilled craftswomen in Serbia. Watching her friend bring these gorgeous, handmade pieces to the world sparked Mimi's imagination. She thought about her own childhood memories of raiding her mother and grandmother's closets for patterns, high-quality fabrics, silky scarfs, and chunky knits. She wanted to help other women create wardrobes filled with these kinds of timeless pieces, too.

And so, Runo was born. Mimi's vision was to create a collection of beautiful, handcrafted pieces that women would be proud to pass along to friends, daughters, and granddaughters. Female founded, owned, and operated, Runo offers fashion-forward women a diverse collection of eco-conscious, slow fashion pieces. From ethically made knitwear to organic ladies clothing and handmade knitted clothes, Runo showcases nearly "lost" techniques like hat-making, knitting, weaving, and more.

At Runo, Mimi is passionate about promoting ethics and moral values in fashion, as well as eco-friendly, sustainable luxury clothing brands. She believes in fair and ethical fashion, which is why she carefully curates a collection of fair trade womens clothing and sustainable luxury brands. She also supports repurpose waste management and luxury eco friendly brands.

So if you're looking to create a conscious, curated wardrobe filled with pieces you'll love for years to come, look no further than Runo. Let Mimi and her team help you find your new favorite, timeless fashion pieces - and know that your purchase is making a difference in the lives of women and communities around the world.